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Services - Program/Project Management

Program management oversees the overall activities of the projects that fall within it's program. Project management oversees tasks for one or many projects. It is a subdivision of a program. There are degrees and certifications available to become more proficient in this type of management.

Responsibilities & Skills for IT Program Manager

A program manager is responsible for general management of the program areas, program/business development, program evaluation, budgeting, cost containment, external customer relationships, fundraising, knowledge management, internal employee relationships, and human resource decisions.

Responsibilities & Skills for IT Project Manager

A project manager must possess skills in three different areas: project management, business management, and technical knowledge. A project manager is expected to set realistic expectations, foster agreements, and deliver a project or service.

Here is a detail breakdown that applies to both management domains (program or project):

  • Detect, identify and destroy computer networks
  • Run complex projects/programs from design and development to production.
  • Define requirements and plan project lifecycle deployment.
  • Define resources and schedule for project/program implementation.
  • Create strategies for risk mitigation and contingency planning.
  • Plan and schedule project deliverables, goals, milestones.
  • Direct and oversee project team and manage conflicts within group.
  • Perform team assessments and evaluations.
  • Efficiently identify and solve project issues.
  • Demonstrate leadership to define requirements for project risk.
  • Develop Requests for Proposals (RFP) for external services.
  • Design and maintain technical and project documentation.
  • Present strong organizational, presentation, and customer/client service skills.