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The ATP Engineering Philosophy

We understand that solving even the most challenging problems takes sound engineering principled in directed scientific efforts. It also involves the deliberate application of careful, measured and mathematical methodologies to dissect, segregate, and organize the roots of the problem into manageable and measurable tasks. And this is exactly where we excel.

Our team works diligently to ensure each task is weighed, accounted for, and scheduled into an overall process that is intended to design and deliver the optimal solution on time and on budget. Our process regularly blends the various disciplines of software design and development, hardware design and component, high-level complex system integration, and program management methodologies.

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The ATP Walk

The members of ATP's team consistently adhere to analytical, scientific, soundly engineered and certified methodologies that underlie process-oriented solutions. While appropriate application of these methodologies is of the utmost importance, so are human factors such as employing a positive team attitude and professional demeanor, which we strongly promote.

Close to the Customer

ATP's team members work closely with each and every customer, from within the government community and the commercial sector, led by founders with graduate-level degrees who are very capable of conducting research is a customer's work supports research activities.

Keen Solutions

ATP seeks to present keen solutions in a manner acceptable to each of its customers.


Diligence and perseverance act as the pillars of ATP's shared work discipline.


Today's persistent vigilance against national threats serves to strengthen the cry for stricter adherence to proven techniques of sound engineering. ATP's experience and commitment to its customers, and its recognition of their unique needs allows ATP to bring its considerable and highly relevant background and techniques to bear on the challenges faced by these customers. ATP embraces concepts like client/server development, object-oriented analysis and design, component-driven services-based development, configuration management, enterprise architecting, acquisition program management techniques, and program analytical techniques. Furthermore, ATP members always seek to comply with applicable customer-driven and industry-driven standards when working on representative projects. In short, ATP's confirmed know-how and successful application of proven engineering principles makes its team a critical factor in ensuring your project's success.

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Experience has shown us that the first steps in successfully navigating the Government's acquisition processes include understanding its rules and knowing the requirements. It has also shown us that any successful acquisition professional must have skill in integrating technology with expert acquisition knowledge and sound management processes to effectively manage acquisition program schedules and technical risks.

From requirement definition through program initiation and support, to production, life cycle support, evolutionary program management, and all the steps in between, one must use prudent risk mitigation to acquire successful project completion. At ATP, we recognize this to be well-defined project planning, thorough analyses of project technical goals, performance requirements, and system objectives.

Acquisition professionals in this career field are concerned with all of the functions of a Program Management Office (PMO) or a Program Executive Office (PEO). Program management professionals serve in a wide range of PMO and PEO positions, including program integrators and analysts, program managers, program executive officers, and their deputies. They may also serve in a number of support and management positions throughout the workforce.

The fundamental responsibilities of the program manager are to balance the many factors that influence cost, schedule, and performance; to interpret and tailor the DOD 5000 Series regulations; and to ensure that high quality, affordable, supportable, and effective defense systems are delivered to the warfighter as quickly as possible.

avid technology professionals

Our robust hands-on experience in designing and developing usable solutions that are optimal for your unique situation allow us to deliver results that are on point. In doing this, ATP team members have received numerous customer awards, including recognition for saving the U.S. Government more than $250,000. Rivaling this impressive achievement is the work of another ATP engineer whose work led to a customer-initiated promotion to Systems Engineer. On one occasion, a member of ATP acquired the equipment necessary to meet a $10 million/ seven-month requirement to upgrade a specialized communication platform. And that's not all. Other loyal ATP clients have witnessed firsthand ATP's ability to save valuable time and money, while providing critical skills and successful solutions at just the right time.