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Keeping Good Company is Good Business

We forge strong and lasting relationships with our partners who have come to rely on our skills and dedication long after projects are completed successfully.

Small Business Development Consortium (SBDC)

ATP recently joined this powerful consortium of capable small businesses. We are busy creating new partnerships and applying those partnerships in a way that increases the value of the company and provides solid mission solutions for the customer. Visit the SBDC website here.

Partners We Cherish

We understand and appreciate that developing reliable systems requires a strong balance between applying competent technical acumen and facilitating human interaction and idea exchange. We never underestimate the human and political factors when it comes to arriving at the best engineering decisions. Instead, we see life as a facilitator, tapping into more than just our capable technical abilities and regularly relying on our strong people skills to ensure our success.

This unique understanding has enabled us to develop a one-of-a-kind approach that includes evaluating and assessing each of our clients' special needs. In doing this, our corporate foundation has grown strong throughout the community, providing the opportunity to work on numerous projects and programs, applying system interfaces while ever mindful of the meaning of and reason behind the projects we service and their appropriate placement within the global scheme of each mission.

Collectively, our team has worked in the community for more than 35 years, where they have consistently made winners out of their partners and customers.