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GSA IT Schedule 70

The IT Schedule 70 allows for choice, flexibility, ease of use and access to the highest quality of IT products, services and solutions from small businesses and industry giants.
Contract # GS35F0052V
132-51 Information Technology Professional Services


CATS II - Consulting and Technical Services

Contract vehicle that enables State of Maryland government to procure IT consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner. Through CATS II, the state will have a flexible and cost-efficient arrangement. ATP has been certified in following areas on this contract:

  • MBE - Minority Business Enterprise
  • SBR - Small Business Reserve
  • FA1 - Enterprise Service Provider
  • FA2 - Web and Internet Systems
  • FA5 - Software Engineering
  • FA6 - Systems and Facilities Management
  • FA8 - Application Service Provider
  • FA10 - IT Management Consulting