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Solutions from Past Wins

ATP's team is comprised of experienced, accomplished engineers who have been privy to participate in some of the industry's most coveted opportunities, allowing us to boast DAWIA-III certification in Acquisition Program Management, experiences as customer advocates at various Agencies, and having performed computer network installs both locally and abroad. These unique experiences and successes allow us to provide desirable solutions for our client's most challenging systems, software, network and acquisition problems.

ATP's "First-Pass" Concept

One hallmark of the ATP spirit is an unwavering commitment to a concept called "first-pass success." This concept calls for a commitment to the identification (and oft times implementation) of desirable solutions to a client's engineering, acquisition and program management problems - all in a program's first iteration cycle. ATP has had the chance to demonstrate the first-pass success concept in both software and systems environments in capacities from lay engineers to system leads. ATP members have found that this mantra leads to lasting results that are both time-efficient and cost-effective.

ATP's "first-pass" success is made possible by engineering professionals who remain at the heart of technical designs, yet are able to work hand-in-hand with technical and non-technical clients alike.

Focusing Our Talents on First-Pass Success

Skillful and intensely dedicated, our talented professionals expertly service our government and commercial contracts while keeping pace with current and emerging technologies. Constantly in the fold of the latest information technologies, incredibly innovative solutions are our passion.


Avid Technology Professionals(also referrred by its acronym "ATP") is the brainchild of Troy Bundy and Adrian Irby, two individuals who worked together at the United States Department of Defense, where they witnessed and recognized firsthand the shortcomings of various common IT programs which plague meaningful work from being completed. Recognizing the need for improvement within these environments, they worked in collaboration to determine optimal improvements for the IT systems and programs in place, and recorded what strategies and procedures resulted in the highest level of project efficiency.

Since our founding in 2005, ATP has grown into a thriving IT company, servicing government and commercial contracts while keeping pace with the nebulous and constantly evolving market for information technology as it pertains to our clients.

Forged from the fires of measurable and repeated success, Avid remains true to the very principles on which it was founded: to conceptualize, develop, and measure the outcomes of systems with attention to efficiency and detail; to meet the set requirements of every client; and to operate at an unwavering level of integrity.

ATP specializes in four core areas of expertise: software engineering; systems engineering; systems integration; and program management. While ATP prides itself as being a company staffed with skillful, knowledgeable and intensely dedicated IT professionals, we welcome the opportunity to meet with individuals whose skillsets may fall outside our usual areas of expertise as needs constantly change. Our belief is that with the constantly changing needs of the world today, it is paramount for any effort to be successful, it must be staffed with professionals all diligently working to develop solutions that enable organizations to share and process information quickly, securely and effectively.