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Solutions from Past Wins

ATP's team is comprised of experienced, accomplished engineers who have been privy to participate in some of the industry's most coveted opportunities, allowing us to boast DAWIA-III certification in Acquisition Program Management, experiences as customer advocates at various Agencies, and having performed computer network installs both locally and abroad. These unique experiences and successes allow us to provide desirable solutions for our client's most challenging systems, software, network and acquisition problems.

ATP's "First-Pass" Concept

One hallmark of the ATP spirit is an unwavering commitment to a concept called "first-pass success." This concept calls for a commitment to the identification (and oft times implementation) of desirable solutions to a client's engineering, acquisition and program management problems - all in a program's first iteration cycle. ATP has had the chance to demonstrate the first-pass success concept in both software and systems environments in capacities from lay engineers to system leads. ATP members have found that this mantra leads to lasting results that are both time-efficient and cost-effective.

ATP's "first-pass" success is made possible by engineering professionals who remain at the heart of technical designs, yet are able to work hand-in-hand with technical and non-technical clients alike.

Adrian Irby - Managing Principal

Adrian decided in high school to pursue a career in electrical engineering and began his formal education at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he was awarded a Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship and received a Sachs Foundation grant to attend the university. After acquiring his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, he began his career with the Department of Defense in Maryland, where he originally worked with procuring various digital communications systems for the government. During this time, Adrian also began and completed a program to obtain his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Upon graduation, he began work with digital processing equipment and programmed digital signal processing algorithms into that equipment to analyze various types of data. He implemented a prototype processing system in anticipation of a future requirement and later became the first customer advocate in an office level organization to ensure customers worked with the organization to remove duplicated requirements for systems. During this period, he completed a program at Central Michigan University at Fort Meade, Maryland to acquire his Master of Science degree in Administration, with a focus on Information Resource Management. He then undertook a cross-organizational assignment at another Agency, where he completed computer network installs at US Embassies abroad and in the local DC area.

Upon returning to his previous organization, Adrian fulfilled the Agency's requirement for technical acquisition program managers and acquired the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act's Level III certification in Acquisition Program Management. In this role, he has been involved in the acquisition of a mission management system and a high priority life cycle support system for the Department. In 2004, Adrian worked to acquire Community Officer Status which required him to complete an external assignment at another community agency, to complete Community wide training, and to complete his Agency's Community training requirements.

As a business owner since 2004/2005, Adrian has been involved in recruiting, business development, employee relations and management, contract acquisition and execution, and proposal development. Adrian has successfully applied innovative approaches to create the business results necessary to thrive in the ever competitive Intelligence Community. Adrian has also carried forward prior IC relationships into ATP subcontracts and directed support opportunities. Adrian has a strong belief in performing for others as he would want others to perform for him. Currently, Adrian is focused on meeting the diverse needs of ATP's clients with solutions that are both scalable and superior. If you wish, you can contact Adrian directly at adrian_irby@avidtec.com